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Creative Publications


Superlative - The Literary Journal 2022 'Futures' Issue

Superlative - The Literary Journal 2021 'Scapes' Issue

1 prose piece published by Fragmented Voices


Superlative - The Literary Journal 2020 'New Beginnings' Issue

2 poems published in HUMAN - University of Gloucestershire 2020 New Writing Anthology



1 prose piece published by the University of Gloucestershire

'The Undertaker's Coffin'


4 poems published by Indigo Dreams Publishing, Sarasvati Issue 051


'Beach Party'

'Bop Night'

'St Lucia'

1 poem published by Singularity - University of Gloucestershire 2018 New Writing Anthology


1 poem published by I am not a Silent Poet


1 poem published my Snakeskin Poetry Issue 246


Academic Publications available here

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