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GCSE English Student

We enlisted Ross' help for our son in his final year of GCSEs. Here are his words:
'Ross is particularly good with using marking constructively in a way that has helped me improve. He explained everything in a clear understandable way which reinforced my abilities and helped boost my confidence. His calm demeanour makes him easy to get on with and approachable with various questions. During the time Ross was tutoring me I improved by 4 grades in the space of 2 to 3 months and I was feeling well prepared for my exams.'

Postgraduate Dissertation

I am so glad that I picked Ross to help me through my dissertation because he is very supportive and helpful. He is always there when needed and he is very good at editing and he is very patient too. I highly recommend him.

English as a 2nd Language

I've had a fair amount of lessons so far, and benefited immensely from it. What's great about our workshops is that it is not staid academic English lessons, rather, we have worked on creative writing, blogs and even types of writing (like op-eds and short form) that I need to enhance in order to become better at my job working PR!

For me, as someone who is not new to writing, Ross has managed to really stretch my abilities and articulation, and the latter goes the long way beyond just writing.

His passion and dedication really engages you in each and every session.

Blog Writer

Ross has been incredibly helpful and professional. I asked for his help because, even though I am a published author, I have been suffering from writer's block for several years.
After a couple of weeks of tutoring my confidence has been restored and I am writing again. I highly recommend him as a tutor.

Y6 - Y11 Lesson Co-ordinator

Ross has coached a group of Y8/Y9 students with well prepared and amazing resources. He quickly responds to any requests and is very reliable. The students enjoyed writing lessons with him!

Prose Writer

Ross has guided me in my ambition to write my first novel. It is a work in progress and he continues to help me as I develop my style and creative skills. He has a natural ability to impart knowledge and his enthusiasm and obvious love of language translates easily into increased confidence and motivation in his student.

GCSE English Student

Really amazing workshops, so engaging! Ross is very professional, knowledgeable great fun to work with! He has taught me a lot already, including some very helpful techniques for descriptions and writing short stories. I am learning while I am studying and improving my own writing, which I always find very fascinating. I highly recommend his classes!

Undergraduate Student

Ross is an excellent writer with lots of knowledge of the creative writing industry. I always trust his judgement when it comes to great quality writing.

Undergraduate Student

Ross is an amazing source of study support. Always willing to read over completed work, proofreading it thoroughly, pushing me to improve and ensuring I understand any needed changes. His wide range of knowledge and experience has enabled me to develop my writing style with each piece of work I write.

GCSE English Student

Ross has great communication skills. He is very calm and professional in his approach to tutoring. He has really helped with building confidence in the subject and has been incredibly supportive throughout.

Postgraduate Student

I am delighted to have Ross as my tutor. His support and guidance have been invaluable. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Undergraduate Student

Ross is incredibly patient when teaching and will also make sure I understand where my errors are. He doesnt just correct them for me but makes sure I know why its wrong. He is also very good at making suggestions to allow me to grow in my writing and not just change things for me. He always goes in depth when editing and never leaves anything unread. Would 100% recommend.

Undergraduate Student

If you are looking for someone that is totally in control of your learning and offers support and guidance along the way, then look no further than Ross. We have studied together for three years and he is my absolute ‘go-to’ person for every aspect of the written word. Snap this guy up while you can.

Undergraduate Dissertation

Ross is a great teacher, he explains everything in detail and make sure you understands everything clearly!! Ross is also very responsive and very reliable at all times I would highly recommend him as a tutor!

Undergraduate Student

Ross is an absolutely great tutor! He’s helped edit and annotate my work and goes through feedback with me so that I understand and know what to do to improve. He’s patient, calm and friendly and he’s made such a difference in my work. I’d say a lot of my higher grades and achievements are down to him. Ross is the one to go to if you need help and support.

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