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We know that it’s just as important to be actively writing and publishing ourselves as it is to be...

… encouraging others to do the same. That’s why, in between tutoring and editing and researching, we submit our own creative and critical work for publication as often as we can. Please do get in touch if you’d like to know more about anything we’ve published! 

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Creative Publications

1 Prose Piece Published

  • Fragmented Voices

  • 'Ink'

2 Poems Published in HUMAN

  • University of Gloucestershire 2020 New Writing Anthology 

  • 'Cull' |  'Money' 

1 Prose Piece Published 

  • University of Gloucestershire

  • 'The Undertaker's Coffin'

1 Poem Published by I am not a Silent Poet

  • 'Skins"

4 Poems Published by Indigo Dreams Publishing

  • Saravasti Issue 051

  • 'Toffee-Apple-Trees'

  • 'Beach Party'

  • 'Bop Night'

  • 'St Lucia'

1 Poem Published by Snakeskin Poetry Issue 246

  • 'Belize"

Did you know... 

…the more you read, the better a writer you become. Your mind selectively remembers what it knows is useful for improving your craft, and forgets what it knows you won’t benefit from; it incubates and develops ideas over time, which is why setting a piece of writing aside for some time can be so beneficial. And all this happens subconsciously, all the time – you just won’t see the effects of it until you start writing again, so that are you waiting for? 

Academic Publications

An analysis of Ted Hughes's ‘The Thought-Fox’ using Conceptual Integration Theory (Blending)

The Berlin Division

The Guąrdian Chronicles and Snake Charmer: A Creative and Critical Analysis of Stereotypes and Archetypes in Fantasy Fiction

Choose-Your-Own Popular Culture Essay

Mapping out Fantasy: A Genre Study

Angie Thomas's 'The Hate U Give', exploring how it uses an inciting incident and its consequent aftermath to comment on police brutality in relation to race...

A discussion of the methods employed by Neill Blomkamp's 'District 9', suggesting our species is philosophically anti-human in nature.

The Portrayal of Vikings in Bernard Cornwell's 'The Last Kingdom', and how Cornwell reflects contemporary popular culture’s opinions of Viking culture compared to our own.

'Art is Limitation The Essence of Every Picture is the Frame'

The Value of Experience

Creative Writing Cannot be Taught but it Can be Learned – Creative Writing in Higher Education

An analysis of Ted Hughes's 'The Thought-Fox' using Conceptual Integration Theory (Blending)

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