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Ross and his small team of handpicked editors offer worldwide academic tutoring from GCSE English Language and Literature, up to essay writing at Postgraduate level or, outside of academia, for non-native English speakers, or those who simply have an avid interest in creative writing and editing. This includes students studying at institutions worldwide, or through open university. They also offer personal statement and cover letter editing services. They pride themselves on providing exceptional, individually tailored support, including matching you with the best suited editor for your needs:


  • GCSE and A Level English Language and Literature, including, but not limited to, essay writing, poetry, fiction and non-fiction writing, and texts such as Lord of the Flies, Animal Farm, and A Christmas Carol.

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate academic tutoring for native and non-native English speakers. This includes students studying at institutions worldwide, or through open university.

  • Tutoring outside of academia, for native and non-native English speakers, including those who simply have an avid interest in creative writing and editing.

  • Creative writing editing of all kinds (from line to copy editing), encompassing prose of all kinds (micro- and flash-fiction, short stories, collections, and novels, plus poetry.

Ross and the team deliver bespoke sessions, but writing and learning are iterative processes; their preferred teaching method is by way of workshops (one to one or group workshops) as they believe this is by far the best way to improve – it gets you writing and analysing your own work. Their aim is always, of course, to enable students achieve their goals, but also to help make students aware of their own learning, allowing them to utilise and develop skills for lifelong use.

They set writing development exercises, enabling students to produce a piece of writing before the workshop (roughly 500-1000 words), which they then edit and annotate. This allows the entirety of the workshop to be spent in analysis and improvement, rather than half of it being wasted reading. For longer creative or critical projects, they also work of the basis of being able to edit 500-1,000 words/hour.

All sessions are via webcam, using either Microsoft Teams or Zoom. The option for feedback to be sent electronically is available.

Depending on the level of study, the first session may need to be an assessment of the student's academic ability/tutoring requirements, or simply a workshop designed to build rapport and cover some fundamentals.

Workshops last 45-60 minutes. Workshop cost includes 1 hour of editing outside of the workshop. Work to be provided for editing 2 days before the workshop. Minimum 24 hours cancellation notice required. Refunds not available. If work, or 24 hours notice of cancellation, is not provided before a workshop, that session will be forfeit. By accepting tuition, students agree to these terms and conditions.


Workshop rates are:

Single workshop - £55/workshop

Block of 5 workshops - £265 (£53/workshop)

Block of 10 workshops - £500 (£50/workshop)

Ross and the team are also happy to undertake writing and editing tasks of any nature. The hourly fee of £55 still applies, plus travel costs if applicable. Sometimes, for larger projects, a daily rate of £300 is more suitable.

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