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Ross Turner

Professional Academic

Creative and critical writer, editor, researcher, and private tutor.

Founder and editor-in-chief of Superlative – The Short Story Literary Journal.


Published by the likes of Indigo Dreams, Fragmented Voices and Snakeskin​.



Postgraduate Dissertation

I am so glad that I picked Ross to help me through my dissertation because he is very supportive and helpful. He is always there when needed and he is very good at editing and he is very patient too. I highly recommend him.

Creative Writing MA Student

Ross is a marvellous tutor: warm, knowledgeable and encouraging. He is incredibly thorough, professional and reliably punctual. What more, it's clear he has a genuine love of language and literature and that passion shines through in his work.

GCSE English Student

We enlisted Ross' help for our son in his final year of GCSEs. Here are his words:
'Ross is particularly good with using marking constructively in a way that has helped me improve. He explained everything in a clear understandable way which reinforced my abilities and helped boost my confidence. His calm demeanour makes him easy to get on with and approachable with various questions. During the time Ross was tutoring me I improved by 4 grades in the space of 2 to 3 months and I was feeling well prepared for my exams.'

English as a 2nd Language

I've had a fair amount of lessons so far, and benefited immensely from it. What's great about our workshops is that it is not staid academic English lessons, rather, we have worked on creative writing, blogs and even types of writing (like op-eds and short form) that I need to enhance in order to become better at my job working PR!

For me, as someone who is not new to writing, Ross has managed to really stretch my abilities and articulation, and the latter goes the long way beyond just writing.

His passion and dedication really engages you in each and every session.



Ross is a professional academic, working as a creative and critical writer, editor, researcher, and private tutor. He has been in the Royal Air Force Reserves since 2014, and now works as a Media Operations Specialist. He studies Creative and Critical writing at the University of Gloucestershire, and has been published by the likes of Indigo Dreams, Fragmented Voices and Snakeskin​.

He is the founder and editor-in-chief of Superlative, The Short Story Literary Journal, which publishes quality work by aspiring short story writers in order to promote new, developing authors and the art of the short story to readers worldwide. They work closely with developing writers so that, when they publish work, it is of the highest standard.

He lives in Gloucestershire. 

Latest Publications


Published by on the 19th March 2021 by Fragmented Voices, 'Ink' is a reflective, first-person short story about Herman; having been encouraged to write his memoirs following his involvement in WWII, he is forced to confront the terrors of his life, and the devastating effect his own suffering has on others.